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Here is competition power improvement head office for promotion

I appointed "Tokyo athlete upbringing promotion school" in 2009

I install the appointment system of the reinforcement school by the name of "the Tokyo athlete upbringing promotion school" for the purpose of I am based on "a Tokyo competition power improvement enforcement plan" in Tokyo, and I improve motivation of the national polity participation for a skilled player school of Tokyo raising excellent results in the national polity or the senior high school entirety, and an excellent player finds the place that can play an active part, and supporting player reinforcement in club activities.

What kind of school is appointed?

Based on three next matters, I appoint a school to fall under every year.

(1)  The school where I gain excellent results in the national polity and Tokyo meeting, and the competition results are remarkable or the school where that I raise the results that I will participate in the national polity in future, and is remarkable is expected.

(2)  The school which wrestles with the reinforcement of the competition concerned for a unit by club activities continuously.

(3)  The school where there are a school and understanding / cooperation of a protector for the club activities concerned, and there is a wide support.

What kind of procedure is it appointed in?

Every year, I take the recommendation of the school from the federation of Tokyo Senior High School physical education (each the competition without the department of specialty, competition group) and appoint the school where there was consent of the principal from that.

The plan of the measure to an appointed school?

The school name appears in the TMG site and in this site "sports TOKYO information", and the school gets qualified to participate in the reinforcement activity that TMG or each competition federation will hold.

The designated school this year?

2009 fiscal year was a metropolitan: 45 schools (One school in the special school was included) and private: 109 schools and nationals: One 155 school in total was specified. Please see here about the name and the game of a specified school.

A future plan?

According to the chart below, I appoint a strong school in each competition and a school becoming a reinforcement foothold by a Five-Year Plan.

About 「Tokyo athlete upbringing promotion school」 system

2009 "Tokyo athlete upbringing promotion school" designated school

1  Metropolitan (One school in the special school is included): 45 schools.
School name Specified game
Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology Bowling[boy]
Senior High School affiliated to Tokyo Metoroporitan University Archery[boy][girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Adachishinden Senior High School Sumo[boy]
Tokyo Metropolitan Adachi-higashi High School Boxing[boy]
Tokyo Metropolitan Edogawa High School Basketball[girl]、Softball[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Ome Sogo High School Canoe[boy]
Tokyo Metropolitan Oshima Kaiyo-kokusai High School Sailing[boy][girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Katakura High School Badminton[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Katsushika Sogo High School Table tennis[boy]
Tokyo Metropolitan Institute Kiyose High School Soft tennis[boy]
Tokyo Metropolitan Koiwa High School Badminton[boy][girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Kodaira-nishi High School Bicycle[boy]、Bowling[boy][girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Komatsugawa High School Boat[boy][girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Komaba High School Physical exercise[boy]、Basketball[boy]、Track and field sports[girl]、Volleyball[girl]、Kendo[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Saginomiya High School Badminton[boy]
Tokyo Metropolitan Josui High School Kendo[boy][girl]、Table tennis[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Joto High School Basketball[boy]、Naginata[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Showa High School Archery[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Suginami Sogo High School Archery[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Sumidagawa High School Boat[boy][girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan First Commercial High School Softball[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Takashima High School Soft tennis[boy]、Badminton[boy]、Kendo[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Tachikawa High School Badminton[boy]
Tokyo Metropolitan Tanashi High School Badminton[boy][girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Tsubasa Sogo High School Track and field sports[boy][girl]、Basketball[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Nishi High School Handball[girl]、Table tennis[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Nihonbashi High School Sailing[boy][girl]、Boat[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Hachioji-soushi High School Bicycle[boy]
Tokyo Metropolitan Harumi Sogo High School Archery[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Higashi High School Archery[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Higashimurayama High School Badminton[boy][girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Higashiyamato High School Basketball[boy]、Handball[boy]
Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo High School Basketball[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Fuji High School Kendo[boy][girl]、Badminton[girl]、Naginata[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Fuchu-nishi High School Handball[girl]、Kendo[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Bunkyo High School Basketball[boy]
Tokyo Metropolitan Hoya High School Softball[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Honjyo High School Boat[boy][girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Mita High School Archery[boy]
Tokyo Metropolitan Mitaka High School Archery[boy][girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Minamidaira High School Boxing[boy]
Tokyo Metropolitan Musahino-kita High School Badminton[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Musashimurayama High School Kendo[boy][girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Yashio High School Archery[girl]
Tokyo Metropolitan Roka High School Archery[boy]

2  Private: 109 schools
School name Specified game
Aikoku High School Softball[girl]、Naginata[girl]
Adachigakuen High School Table tennis[boy]、Softball[boy]、Karate[boy]
Ikubunkan High School Track and field sports[boy]、Kendo[boy]
Ohka.Girl High School Softball[girl]
Obirin High School Kendo[girl]
Omori-gakuen High School Wrestling[boy]
Kaisei High School Boat[boy]
Gakushuin High School Boat[boy]
Kamata-joshi High School Badminton[girl]
Kandajogakuen High School Softball[girl]
Kanto-daiichi High School Wrestling[boy]、Bicycle[boy]、Badminton[boy][girl]、Karate[girl]
Kitatoshima High School Volleyball[girl]
Kichijo girl High School Kyudo[girl]
Kyoei gakuen High School Badminton[boy]、Track and field sports[girl]、Volleyball[girl]、Basketball[girl]
Kinjo High School Badminton[boy][girl]、Karate[boy][girl]
Kinjo Gakuen High School Soft tennis[boy]
Kunimoto girl High School Basketball[girl]、Soft tennis[girl]
Keiogijyuku girl High School Kyudo[girl]
Keihoku High School Physical exercise[boy]、Basketball[boy]、Wrestling[boy]、Kendo[boy]
Kojimachi gakuen girl High School Soft tennis[girl]
Kosei gakuen High School Soft tennis[boy]
Kosei gakuen girl High School Handball[girl]
Kokugakuin High School Kyudo[boy]
Kokugakuin University Kugayama High School Track and field sports[boy]、Basketball[boy]、Kyudo[boy]、Kendo[boy]、Rugby football[boy]
International Christian University High School Archery[boy][girl]
Kokushikan High School Kendo[boy][girl]、Karate[boy]
Komazawa gakuen girl High School Basketball[girl]
Komazawa University High School Physical exercise[boy]、Basketball[boy][girl]、Soft tennis[boy]
Komaba gakuen High School Rhythmic gymnastics[girl]
Jissen gakuen High School Table tennis[boy]、Badminton[boy][girl]、Volleyball[girl]、Basketball[girl]
Shinagawa Girl’s gakuin Senior High School Physical exercise[girl]
Shimokitazawa-seitoku High School Volleyball[girl]
Jiyugaoka gakuen High School Wrestling[boy]
Shutoku High School Physical exercise[boy]、Kendo[boy][girl]
Shukutoku High School Softball[girl]
Shotoku SC High School Volleyball[girl]、Table tennis[girl]
Shotoku Sugamo High School Badminton[boy][girl]
Shoin High School Volleyball[girl]
Johoku High School Handball[boy]、Bicycle[boy]、Kyudo[boy]
Showa Daiichi Gakuen High School Bicycle[boy]、Karate[boy][girl]
Shiraume gakuen High School Track and field sports[girl]、Handball[girl]
Sugamo High School Kendo[boy]
Suginamigakuen High School Golf[boy][girl]
Sundaigakuen High School Boxing[boy]、Volleyball[girl]
Seikei High School Rugby football[boy]
Seijo High School Track and field sports[boy]、Bicycle[boy]、Sumo[boy]
Seisokugakuen High School Softball[boy]、Kendo[boy]
Seiritsu gakuen High School Physical exercise[boy]、Basketball[boy]、Karate[boy][girl]、Bowling[boy][girl]
Seiryo High School Bowling[boy]、Soft tennis[girl]
Setagayagakuen High School Basketball[boy]、Karate[boy]
Senshu University High School Basketball[boy]
Daichi gakuen High School Physical exercise[girl]
Daito Bunka University Daiichi High School Rugby football[boy]
Takanawa High School Badminton[boy]、Kendo[boy]
Takushoku university Daiichi High School Track and field sports[boy][girl]、Soft tennis[boy]、Sumo[boy]、Kendo[boy]
Chuo University Suginami High School Boat[boy][girl]
Chuo University High School Badminton[boy]、Rifle shooting[boy][girl]
Chiyoda Jyogakuen High School Soft tennis[girl]
Teikyo High School Basketball[boy]、Karate[boy][girl]
Teikyo University High School Boxing[boy]
Toita Girl High School Badminton[girl]
Toagakuen High School Weightlifting[boy]、Basketball[girl]、Fencing[boy][girl]
Tokai University Sugao High School Basketball[boy]、Soft tennis[boy]、Handball[boy]、Table tennis[boy]、Kyudo[boy][girl]、Softball[girl]、Kendo[girl]
Takanawadai High School Attached To Tokai University Table tennis[boy]、Badminton[boy]
Tokyo High School Track and field sports[boy][girl]、Soft tennis[boy]、Rugby football[boy]
Tokyogakuen High School Weightlifting[boy]、Sumo[boy]、Bowling[boy]
Tokyo Kasei Gakuin High School Badminton[girl]
Tokyo Kasei University attachment Girl High School Soft tennis[girl]
Tokyo Seitoku University High School Track and field sports[girl]、Basketball[girl]、Kyudo[girl]、Kendo[girl]
Tokyo Korian High School Boxing[boy]、Rugby football[boy]
Tokyo Denki University High School Bicycle[boy]
Tokyo University of Agriculture Daiichi High School Kendo[girl]
Tokyorissho High School Volleyball[girl]、Basketball[girl]、Soft tennis[girl]、Softball[girl]
Toho High School Track and field sports[boy]、Physical exercise[boy]
Toho Girl High School Track and field sports[girl]、Softball[girl]
Toyo High School Physical exercise[boy]
Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin High School Table tennis[girl]
Nittai-ebara High School Track and field sports[boy][girl]、Kendo[boy]、Bowling[boy][girl]
Komaba High School Attached To Nippon Institute Of Technology Wrestling[boy]、Archery[boy]、Track and field sports[girl]
Nikaido High School attachied to Nihon Girl’s Taiiku University Rhythmic gymnastics[girl]
Nihon University Sakuragaoka High School Track and field sports[boy]、Rifle shooting[boy][girl]
Nihon University Tsurugaoka High School Karate[boy][girl]、Kendo[girl]
Nihon University Buzan High School Track and field sports[boy]、Physical exercise[boy]、Basketball[boy]、Bicycle[boy]、Soft tennis[boy]、Table tennis[boy]
Nihonbashi Jogakkan High School Soft tennis[girl]、Badminton[girl]
Hachioji High School Track and field sports[boy][girl]、Physical exercise[boy][girl]、Basketball[boy][girl]
Hachioji-jissen High School Kendo[boy]、Volleyball[girl]
Hinode High School Softball[girl]
Fujimi High School Rhythmic gymnastics[girl]
Fujimura Girl High School Physical exercise[girl]、Rhythmic gymnastics[girl]、Basketball[girl]、Fencing[girl]、Softball[girl]
Suginami Senior High School affiliated with Bunka Women's University Volleyball[girl]、Basketball[girl]、Handball[girl]、Soft tennis[girl]、Table tennis[girl]、Kyudo[girl]、Kendo[girl]、Naginata[girl]
Bunkyo Gakuin University Girl's Senior High School Volleyball[girl]
Hosei University High School Golf[boy]
Hozen High School Track and field sports[boy]、Karate[boy]
Horikoshi High School Badminton[boy]、Bowling[boy][girl]
Hongo High School Kendo[boy]、Rugby football[boy]
Myojogakuen High School Basketball[girl]
Musashino High School Track and field sports[girl]、Table tennis[girl]
Musashino Girl Gakuin High School Badminton[girl]、Kendo[girl]
Nakano Senior High School attachied to Meiji University Sumo[boy]、Rifle shooting[boy]、Rugby football[boy]、Mountaineering[boy]
Nakano Hachioji Senior High School attachied to Meiji University Track and field sports[boy]、Table tennis[boy][girl]
Meisei High School Physical exercise[boy][girl]、Handball[boy][girl]
Meguro Gakuin High School Karate[boy]
Yakumo Gakuen High School Basketball[girl]、Karate[girl]
Yasuda Gakuen High School Basketball[boy]、Handball[boy]、Table tennis[boy]、Mountaineering[boy]
Rikkyo Ikebukuro High School Track and field sports[boy]
Rissho High School Kyudo[boy]
Waseda High School Fencing[boy]、Kyudo[boy]
Waseda Jitsugyo High School Track and field sports[boy][girl]、Table tennis[boy][girl]、Kyudo[boy][girl]、Boat[boy]、Boxing[boy]、Basketball[boy]、Handball[boy]、Softball[boy]
Waseda University Senior High School Boat[boy]、Sailing[boy]、Kyudo[boy]

3  National: One school
School name Specified game
Tsukuba University attachment High School Boat[boy][girl]